mother’s day


We recently bought new furniture. We picked out the couch we wanted already, we just had to decide on the other few pieces to add. Andy’s recliner broke last year, so replacing it seemed like a good fit.

Growing up my parents always had recliners. It’s one of my fondest memories with my mother. She would always sit and relax in her recliner during her down time and I would cuddle up with her and she would rock me. Whenever I was sick or had a bad dream, she would rock me to sleep in her chair. One leg was tucked under her, and she would use her other foot to keep a slow and steady pace.

As I got older, I would sit next to her and just talk. She is an amazing listener. It didn’t matter what was going on, she would listen and never judge. Even if I was in the wrong, she would find a way to comfort me along with correcting me. She was so good about helping me realize the person I am. Acknowledge my personal characteristics, even if they were flaws at times. Always calm and patient, even during those times when I really did mess something up.

This is one thing I hope to carry on with my children. Rock them in the recliner and listen to all their stories. Be able to listen and help, without judgment or criticism.

Motherhood is hard. And no one can tell you otherwise. It tests you in ways you’d never imagine. It’s exhausting and difficult at times. Most things come last for you. Food, showers, especially sleep. For instance, Hayden is pictured laying in one of the recliners. She’s wearing a swimsuit that is two sizes to small because the other one is being washed and she refused to play outside without one on. Her hair on one side is also crunchy and matted, because I spilt coffee on her head this morning. She’s mesmerized by what she’s watching, which is The Little Mermaid, for the second time in a row. Most likely it will play again at least once more today. She’s asked me “Why??” approximately 463 times. I gave her real responses until we got to about the 32nd why, then the dreaded “because I said so” came out.

Despite all those things I said though, motherhood is beyond fulfilling. It’s a love that cannot be replaced or substituted. I woke up to Hayden already awake, going to the bathroom, all by herself. She gave me so many hugs today and said “I love you soooo much mama.” She spent most of the afternoon with me outside, helping with yard work and telling me stories. Funny jokes were swapped and lots of jelly beans consumed. It might seem like an uneventful day to most, but to me, it was perfect.

I am the woman, the wife, the mother I am today because of my mother. She provided me with so many life skills. For those that enjoy my meals or baked goods, you can thank my mother. When I wrap my new little guy up in his cool new bicycle blanket, I’ll be quietly thanking my mother for teaching me to sew. I’m enjoying a patio filled with gorgeous green plant life due to a little green thumb, you guessed it, because of my mother.

To all of you mothers out there, you are amazing. I understand your tears and heartaches, and I share in your triumphs and joy. You have the hardest and most rewarding job. May you all have received many blessings and love on this day we celebrate you.

2 thoughts on “mother’s day

  1. Of course she wont take off the swim suit its from hailey haha she always loves her stuff from hailey.

  2. This is one of my favorite blogs that you’ve written. It was beautiful and made me cry. Especially today after losing our precious Lilly. 😦

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