Friends are a funny thing. Literally. My friends are hilarious.

I moved to Alaska 3 years ago this month. I won’t lie, the first year was really hard. I left my support group and the town I grew up in, and entered a place where the people I knew, I could count on my one hand. All of this on top of having a new baby.

Over time, I branched out, meeting some new amazing people. I can now say that I’ve acquired another support group that I would dearly miss if we were ever to move.

The friends I’ve left behind are still my posse though. The best part of our relationship is no matter the time or distance apart, we remain close. We became adults together. We lived together, all in one way or another. Went through breakups and career changes. Heartache and happiness. Most of us are now married or committed to someone, and have children or are trying.

Each and every one of us is truly strange. In our own beautiful ways. And as time passes, we grow and change. Yet, when we all get together, it’s as if time as stood still. There’s only ever laughter, no judgment or criticism. We stand behind each other and provide fierce love. I’m lucky to have these people in my life and I hope that I can remain that person for them and all the new ones in my path.

This post’s nostalgia is brought on by the departure of Cristina. For those of you that don’t know, that’s Sandra Oh’s character on Grey’s Anatomy. *your eye roll goes here* Yes, another reference to that show. This last week was the show’s season finale and Cristina’s farewell episode. I’ll admit it. I cried like a baby. The show has been on for a decade people! I started watching this show with the friends I’m referencing in this post. Margarita Thursday is a true past time. We drank pitchers of margaritas and watched Grey’s every week, religiously. So to say goodbye to her is like saying goodbye to one of my best friends.

In a conversation with one these ladies a few days ago, she mentioned a mutual friend was having a rough time lately. The ladies that remain in my hometown refer to themselves as Rita’s. It’s incredibly fun, I love it. A little pick me up to the distressed Rita was in order. What better way to cheer someone up then a package of random stuff?!? She doesn’t know about this post and hopefully won’t until she gets her package. If not, she’ll get to anticipate all this totally rad stuff :


That’s absolutely my pregnant belly in the way also. It get’s in the way a lot.

1. baby lint roller- every woman needs this. Rita is a business woman, so she dresses the part. Linty pants. Disaster.

2. chocolate bar- I saw this new line of goodies, and they all have these hilarious names. This one says Hello My Name is Caramel Brownie, pleased to meet you.

3. mini gel pens- I’m a sucker for anything miniature and these pens didn’t disappoint.

4. set of adorable notecards- Now she can use those gel pens and send out some fabulous notes to people, like maybe me. *hint, hint*

5. Detox kit- Target always takes the win. They had these pamper kits that include cooling eye pads, face masks and aromatherapy goodies.

6. Hubba Bubba gum- Just because it’s awesome.

7. Goo Gone Wine Out- How handy is this?! All the Rita’s are wine drinkers and are also all clumsy so this seemed like a perfect fit.

8. Jergens BB Body lotion- This lotion is uh-mazing. It’s uber creamy and doesn’t leave you all filmy. It also smells fantastic.

9. Taylor Lautner picture-  I found this gem while thrift store shopping. Rita was Team Jacob while I was Team Edward ( I swear we’re not as lame as we sound). So this beauty I’m sure will be forever treasured by her.

My friends are my family. Whether I get to see them all the time or once a year, they matter immensely to me. I don’t sum up friendship by how often I see you or talk to you. It’s when that time comes, how our time is spent together. These people relieve my stress, not causing it. Acknowledge who I am, and appreciate that. They all dismiss chaos and focus on what’s important in life.

Your in my thoughts Rita and I’m here for you from afar. I might be stuck in the arctic, but I’m always by your side.

One thought on “52:9

  1. I am so happy that we became friends out of a little thing called bookclub. When I started it, I had the same issues. Friends were moving away (most were military like I was) and I needed to get out there. Lucky for me I did that because I have come to know you and am proud to call you my friend. Like you do, I still have amazing friendships and miles are the only thing in between us. We can all seem to pick up where we left off when we talk, FB, or text. In fact, my big 4-0 birthday wish is to take a road trip with my friends from here and stop off and visit my friends all over the lower 48 (even though it’s not realistic, a girl can dream). 🙂

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