the homestretch

This is currently what it looks like around here these days.

I know I have legs and feet, they are just hard to come by. We’re near the end people, and my inner organs couldn’t be happier. I remember being huge and uncomfortable last time, but this kid really has it out for me. He’s pretty active during the day but it’s at night, right as I’m falling asleep that I imagine he takes out his spoon and is trying to tunnel his way to freedom, using my bladder as his bean bag chair to rest on during breaks.
Luckily, it’s been a gorgeous summer and I can catch up on some relaxing in the sun.

And when my feet and my back are killing me and I need a moment you can find me here.

When I notice that the dirty laundry is starting to overtake the laundry room and we don’t have a single clean fork, this is usually what happens.

(don’t worry, I am wearing a shirt in that picture, it’s just nude colored)

It’s very apparent it’s about time to pop, considering that pants are no longer an option in my wardrobe as you may have noticed in my pictures.
Next week starts my weekly doctor visits and guess who couldn’t be more excited to go and push buttons?

In even better news, there is a squishy precious baby girl due in less than 2 weeks and we can’t wait to get our hands on her! It’s about to get baby crazy all up in here. Happy weekend!

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