flaunt it

Hayden and I headed into Anchorage earlier today to pick up Andy from the airport, to find out on our way his flight was delayed due to weather. We were within 10 minutes of town so no use turning around, we’d simply buy some time and rummage around town until he made it in.
In our travels, Mary Lambert’s song Secrets came on the radio. It’s a catchy little number where she shares her “secrets” with the world. Like the fact that she wears mom jeans, and enjoys her disfunctional family. It made me laugh and gave me an idea on how I could entertain myself while waiting for Andy to arrive.
We all have unique personalities. Lots of little things that make us tick. And I bet you all have hilarious little quirks that some of your closest friends don’t even know. No one is perfect and it’s all those silly things that make us real. So I invite you to kick back, open up and share some of your dirty little secrets with your friends and family. Start your weekend off with some laughter.







1. I have the biggest sweet tooth of probably any one you’ll meet. Like go out of my way to find dessert. I once resorted to cooking a frozen apple pie I had and waiting up most of the night to eat some. I polished that puppy off in a matter of a few days. By myself. Oye.

2. Careless Whisper by Wham is my ultimate favorite jam. I know every single word and you better believe I rock it.

3. Children scare me. I get really nervous and don’t know what to do with other people’s children. Especially babies. Good thing I’m pregnant.

4. I have movie amnesia. I can watch a movie and 10 minutes later not be able to quote a single line. Don’t ever pick me for “Name That Movie” trivia. We’ll lose.

5. I can’t eat leftovers. Oddly, cold food freaks me out. Especially cold pizza.

6. I laugh at most everything. Even at inappropriate times. It gets me into trouble.

7. I’m horrible at doing dishes. So much so people have commented on it. Multiple times.

8. I often think about elementary school. And how my friends and I played double dutch. All the time. And then I get sad because jumping rope is super rad and people should do it more often.

9. I just recently quit shaving my arms.

10. I’m not a morning person. At all.

11. I can’t brush my teeth without having to pee afterwards. Even if I went right before I brushed my teeth.

12. I can only name a few presidents. Which include Lincoln and Washington. The obvious ones. And I feel good about the fact that I even know who our Vice President is now.

13. I flunked math in high school. Two years in a row.

14. I’m entirely convinced mermaids are real.

15. My tv guilty pleasures are Teen Mom and Love and Hip Hop.

16. I’ve tried and tried but I just can’t get on the country music train. It gives me the ebbie jeebies.

17. I DESPISE tomato seeds. They are slimy and evil and if at all possible I’ll remove them before eating the tomato.

18. If I found a genie and was granted wishes, one of them would be that I lived in the real life version of the show Friends.

19. The most common things that people learn about me in a short amount of time are a) I LOVE Swedish fish and b) I love all things miniature.

20. I’m a cat person.

There you have it folks. Now maybe you know me just a little bit better. Try it, you might just have some fun airing it all out.


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