life as I know it

Mornings come reeeally fast now that we have a newborn around. Andy had a hunting trip planned for today and Reid had a checkup so I knew before hand today would be tricky. My first time with two chiclets and I was on a schedule. I’m a horrible morning person already, let alone trying to get three people out the door on time. I was so truly proud of myself when I got up at 8, got both littles up, fed and dressed and even managed to get in a shower and breakfast myself and out the door at 9:30. Here’s the catch though. This is what my house looked like when I left. (I’m actually mortified to show this but it helps the story)

This is the result of a toddler “entertaining herself” and one tired mama catering to a baby that was having a “I refuse to let you put me down” day.

I attempted to do the dishes so many times the night before and this morning and this is as far as I got. A countertop of chaos and a half emptied dishwasher.
What I didn’t take pictures of is myself. I am a hot mess. Sleep deprived and smelly is the best description. You guys, I have to put deoderant on like three times a day. I have no explanation for it. It’s fall here. 60 and breezy. So climate isn’t an issue. It could be the fact that my body has morphed into a dairy cow. When Reid isn’t nursing, I’m either being spit up on, or leaking. You can imagine what I smell like. I’m a real beauty these days. Getting off track though…
I decided to go with the lesser of two evils. Be late and anxious and scrambling to maneuver through traffic to get to the doctor on time, or leave my home in shambles and deal with it later. Two doctor appointments, a trip to the grocery store and a short visit with my sister in law later, and I was back home to manage the mess. Luckily one of the littles fell asleep and got a nap in.

The other little remembered he was hungry and needed a diaper change, so the cleaning was delayed. I discovered fast with him that once he’s tended to he likes to snuggle for a bit. The solution? Enter the Happy wrap.

This wrap is a god send. Reid loves it. He burrows against me and once I get a few dishes in, he’s fast asleep.

I got as much done as I could, a joey in your pouch becomes limiting at some point, and set the mister up in his swing. The other thing I discovered was the vacuum puts him right out. Sooo handy.

Turbo mode kicks in and I start the dance most mamas know. The “go as fast as you can because your baby is going to start screaming at any minute” dance. A short break in between for a diaper change and a feeding and I managed to get the house in order.

Just in time to finally help this rising star search for You Tube videos of Opera singing per her 8 billion requests.

Oh, what will tommorow bring?

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