weekend 101

Even when you don’t work and weekends aren’t really your “days off”, they still just have a special standard to them. Our Saturday morning proved worthy by starting off with blueberry pancakes, Hayden’s favorite.

I had my book club meetup Saturday night and opted to bring a pasta dish with coffee cream sauce. So delicious and easy, thanks April. It needs 3 hours to steep so while we cooked pancakes, I worked on my sauce.

This handsome little man got a bath and I decided the pile of laundry on my couch probably should get folded, it’s been a few days.


The tiny little got some fresh clothes and a snuggle in, and was soon fast asleep. Now I could back to that pot of coffee that had been calling my name.

Hayden helped with laundry, which consisted of her laying on it telling me I was doing a good job. She got bored fast and settled in to catch up with Daniel tiger videos on the IPad. Which gave me an excuse to get my horror flick on.

I don’t remember much of the first Carrie but this remake wasn’t the worst one I’ve ever seen. I know what your all thinking, I should totally be a movie critic.
Sunday consisted of sunshine and soaking in autumn. It’s officially fall in Alaska. It comes earlier for us and goes so fast. But it is so very much my favorite.

The leaves start to scatter the yard and all the foliage turns golden. Tiny fungus friends make their appearance.



My plants get their final bloom in and soak in the morning’s inviting sunshine.


Everywhere you look you see signs of seasons changing.


All this is motivation to get my autumn groove on. Which consists of pumpkin baked goods and decorating the house. I might even have caved this weekend and slurped down a PSL. For those that are out of the loop, that’s a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. I make jokes at the expense of this phenomena, but totes McGoats they are delicious!




Hope you all had a warm and cozy weekend and now it’s back to the Monday grind…

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