arctic life: october

So I decided on a new series of posts. You know, because I’m so awesome at Project 52 and all. This one requires a lot less effort though and that’s right up my alley.
Summers are pretty short in Alaska. May to August brings warm days and endless daylight hours. Autumn arrives and we all soak in the amazing colors and warm breezy weather. Then I wake up one day and head out inappropriately dressed because it’s now 30 degrees outside and I’m still wearing flip flops and cropped pants.
Documenting our ever so swiftly changing seasons seemed like a fun idea, or perhaps a really depressing one because I’ll truly realize how long winters are up here. Either way, it’s a way for all of you outsiders to experience a little bit of my life in the arctic.
Last month I posted about fall arriving and decorating the house for upcoming holidays, blah, blah, blah. I took some shots in the same spots to give a comparison.

Though everything is still yellow and red, morning now makes for some very frosty foliage.

It was 10:30 am when I took these pictures and a whopping 20 degrees outside. Which seems frightful. But believe it or not, I wasn’t wearing a jacket and didn’t feel like I would die of hypothermia. We experience coastal weather with lots of fog and rain but our cold weather is very dry making it seem warmer than it is.

Most of the trees have only a few leaves left, and most days now have a shower of leaves falling from ones that remain.
Now here is a fun (or perhaps lame) tidbit for you. Most of our trees here are really tall and really skinny. I could be smart and find out what type of tree they are but really tall skinny ones seems like a sufficient name. Our growing season is so short in terms of weeks but we have so much sunlight in those few weeks that it makes for gigantic gardens and trees that grow tall but never have the chance to “bulk” before it gets cold again. Plus it allows for trees to be limber, if you will, since we have hurricane style wind at times. Maybe that’s extreme but it feels that way.
Don’t quote me on this information either, there’s a good chance I’m wrong on any part of it, but it’s not likely any one of my 7 followers are going to give a hoot.
There’s October for you in a nutshell. The hope is always that trick or treating won’t mean tromping through snow, and we won’t have to bust out the snow plow until at least Thanksgiving.
Now speaking of changes, this little guy is growing like a weed and it’s going by so fast!

I’m doing my best to soak it all in and savor the sweet moments before he turns into a toddler that continually tells me “Your not my real mom. My real mom’s at work.” Like this one.

See you in November!

One thought on “arctic life: october

  1. I can’t help myself…laughing! You have a great deal of writing talent and make me laugh! Thank You…and Keep up the good work 😉

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