52:11 locks of love

Okay, so I know it’s been FOREVER since I’ve done a 52 post. Sorry about that. But the long wait is over and it’s a fun one.
Andy and I decided it was due time Hayden got a haircut. I had put it off for soooo long because she has such beautiful hair. She’s a bit rowdy though and hates having it tended to. It would get stuck in her clothes and armpits. Snag on the seatbelt of her car seat. And I started to notice she would hold it up when going to the bathroom because it would tickle the top of her cheeks. Alright, I get the hint.
We made an appointment for both Andy and Hayden so it wouldn’t be quite as scary. I was so amazed at how well she did, she had a blast.


She was so excited to have a pink cape and she was immediately drawn to the hair stylist since she had “really nice pink hair.”
The best part of the deal was that her hair was long enough to donate to Locks of Love. Hopefully we get to make the day for a little girl, or boy. You never know, maybe there is a super rad little surfer boy who needs some curls.
This meant chopping most of it off. I’m surprised how calm I was as I watched her beautiful locks get hacked off. Okay, that’s extreme. Stephanie did a great job.



I had it built up in my mind that it would be traumatic for her. She would cry and break down once she saw her long ponytail in her hands… Oh, how wrong I was.

It was like we had just bought her a new toy. She giggled and whipped it around until I had to finally take it from her before she destroyed it.


It’s a win win all around. She’s in love with her new hair, as am I. And we hopefully are helping someone in need.


Now for the part that makes this suitable for Project 52. One of my very favorite peeps was doing the same thing this week! Along with her boyfriend. Meet Beverly and Mason. The long haired extra awesome sauce couple.


The two chopped their mops and came out looking just as fabulous as ever.



Who would of thought these two lovelies could even get any better? (wink,wink)

It feels so wonderful to give to a good cause and even better that it was something as simple as a little ol haircut.


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