3 months

This ham is three months old today.
He smiles and talks. Only when he talks he breaths in really hard, so it’s like everything he says is reeeeally dramatic. It’s adorable.
He loves to snuggle and lay on your chest, and is rather entertained by his sister. Bath time and baby massages are among some his favorites.





He’s got tummy time down pretty good and even gets a roll over in there every once in a while.




I won’t be cliché and say that time flies and tell people to enjoy it because they grow up so fast.
What I’ve learned with baby number two is that as parents we in a sense start to wish time away. It seems like it goes by so quickly because we are always in anticipation of the next milestone. Those first smiles. The long awaited giggle. When the crawl turns into first steps.
Then soon your planning first birthdays and it becomes one blur of moments.
Hayden and I moved to Alaska on her 3 months mark, to the day. And now we’re preparing for her to go preschool this fall. A preschooler you guys!!

Truth be told, time hasn’t flown by. To get to where we are now has been quite a journey. One with stressful days and hard nights. Moments that have tested our every bit of patience and strength as parents. I look back though and those 3 1/2 years have been jam packed with beautiful memories. Our first house.


Hayden learning to walk and talk and blooming into a little lady with such a huge personality.


Our wedding day. So many holidays and special occasions. Tackling potty training and learning the alphabet song.
So my advise to new parents would instead be to ensure your time is meaningful. Let time be good to you. Even the moments that are hard. The countless sleepless nights. The puke covered shirts and massive amount of sheets and blankets you have to wash because they pee everywhere. When they are screaming and nothing seems to work. And all those moments that make you feel as if you have failed. They will pass. The good days will far outweigh the bad and soon enough they will be older and just a little wiser, and you’ll miss those days when they were so tiny and sweet. Like this guy.



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