I’m thankful for…

sweet, loving aunts


My children have amazing women in their lives that entertain them, spoil them and love them wholeheartedly. And those women are their aunts.

Cookies taste better and books are funnier with their aunts. The toys are cooler and the giggles are louder when they are with their aunts.


Games are more exciting and they run just a little harder when they spend time with their aunts.

wed amy

Snuggles are just a little sweeter and adventures end up being that much cooler when they are taken with their aunts.

ron snuggle


april They’ve changed countless diapers and dealt with toddler tantrums. Special boxes get sent to them with goodies galore. When this tired mama falls asleep in the recliner, they feed your toddler, finish the dishes and tuck the kids into bed.
I’m blessed to call these ladies my sisters and my best friends. And I’m even luckier that my children have these ladies to learn from, look up to and have the best of times with.



One thought on “52:2

  1. Another beautiful post! Having to go it alone many times when I was a military wife with three small kids, I know the value of having “aunts” around. Mine were not related, but it felt like we were. Miss Jackie, Miss Linda, Miss Tracy, and Miss Nellie (as my kids called them) were there for my kids and for me in the same way you described. We are friends to this day and we took care of each other and raised our kids together. Now that we all live in different parts of the world and the kids are all grown, we have many fond memories that connect us and a sisterhood that cannot be broken by time or distance.

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