Project 52: thankful

It’s turns out last year’s Project 52 was a total bust. I gave it a solid effort. But in the spirit of not giving up, I’m giving it another whirl. In the next year, I’ll give you 52 things I’m thankful for. The first one goes to:

the father daughter bond


The relationship between these two is one I could never imagine. They make each other laugh and smile constantly, and Hayden wants to do everything like Andy does. If he isn’t wearing a shirt to bed, she refuses to wear one too. She always has her little tools out “fixing” things around the house. She loves truck rides in the “Boyota” and if she thinks she even hears him start the four wheeler without her, she beelines for the door. Cold pizza and leftover lasagna for breakfast is acceptable if it’s eaten alongside of him and she won’t budge from the recliner with him as long as he keeps the You Tube videos playing. You’ll hear lots of “Blue 42! Blue 42!” from her if Andy is watching the game and the fact that he will throw on his swim trunks and hop in the bath with her only cements the fact that she really thinks life is more exciting with him around.



They are silly and inseparable and have a language all their own. Most nights lately are spent in Reid’s room with him and I love hearing the chatter of Hayden and Andy in the other room.

I know that as Reid gets older and they develop a bond all their own, what Hayden and Andy share now will be in a class all it’s own. It’s a deep friendship, a pure unconditional love, and a type of trust I won’t ever have with her. Her love for her father is something I will forever cherish and be in awe of.

pals 3

2 thoughts on “Project 52: thankful

    1. That is truly beautiful and thank you for sharing. Since I lost my dad in August, I often (actually several times daily) think about the bond we shared. He and I were the same as Hayden and Andy. When I was little, I did everything with him and wanted to be like him. We were two peas in a pod and even though he wasn’t my biological father, that never made a difference. In fact, many people to this day, say that I have mannerisms that are totally his and that we have that same mischievous grin . He always made me laugh, made me feel safe and protected, and above anything else, he made me feel very, very loved. Even as an adult, he always knew what to say to me to make me feel better. Every single phone call he told me he loved me and that he was proud of me. He was kind, generous, very funny, and a wonderful man. I miss him more than any words can explain (and I’m even crying at work as I’m typing) but that bond meant something and will live on forever.

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