I’m thankful for..

sunshine in the shower


Yep. That is totally a picture from my shower.  It’s days like this that really make me appreciate such simple things. Like the fact that when I managed to take a shower, it was right when the sun was shining through my window filling the shower with it’s golden bliss. It just happened to be while Reid quietly cooed and giggled in his swing on the floor next to the tub. Hayden stacked rows and rows of toilet paper, proudly making a castle. The perfect song came on my Pandora station. And in that moment, I stood under the hot water, soaking in the sunshine and serenity and imagined I was actually on a tropical island underneath a waterfall. It’s a big stretch I know, but I get to be thankful for whatever I want, that’s how this works.

Inevitably that moment comes to a screeching halt when I’m overcome with an unpleasant smell and a request from the toddler to assist her in wiping a certain body part. Oh, lucky me.  And that cute content tiny person is now not so content. One last bask in that sun and it’s back to reality…

One thought on “52:5

  1. That is like the song, “Sunshine on My Shoulders” by John Denver, but “Sunshine in My Shower” sounds like a better one. I love when the sunshine comes through the window in just the perfect way. It is such a beautiful sight to see. It always reminds me of spring and the smell of the freshly washed spring curtains that my mom would hang up in my bedroom in April. They were white with all sorts of little flowers on them and the sun would beam in and it was just lovely. 🙂

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