Today, Hayden Evelee is officially a four year old.



She is all that is happy, sassy and energetic. She is wildly independent and makes me laugh each and every day.

bunny hat

She is the queen of dress up and most days I don’t even attempt to dress her because I know she’s just going to strip down and be a ladybug.



Or a princess.


Or perhaps a doctor.


She is willing and ready for any adventure. Be sure to leave her at least 10 minutes to prep though. She needs ample time to pack all the essentials in her pack back. Like one of my shoes, some fruit snacks, a few pieces of scrap wood, a couple socks that don’t match, a book, and a pair of broken sunglasses.

car ride


She became a big sister this year and is already a pro.


Her favorite season is summer, when she can run and play outside for endless hours.




She is silly and loves to tell jokes. Talks your ear off if you let her, and can come up with a pretty believable story. Or she might even fill you in on her favorite line from FRIENDS.. “Grandma’s chicken salad…” (said in a super creepy Joey voice)



She is an amazing eater. And I’m not saying that to toot my own horn. She eats sauerkraut you guys! She’ll fight you for the last pepper or broccoli stalk, and there isn’t a fruit she won’t eat. She prefers her eggs over easy, and is surprisingly good at eating sushi with chopsticks. Don’t get me wrong, she can down chocolate covered raisins like it’s nobody’s business. But she’s also been known to sneak into the kitchen when no one is watching and eat 3 bananas in a sitting. Or an entire apple. Seeds included. Oops. Nothing surprises me anymore with her. Not even when she tells me she finished her glass of milk. From dinner yesterday that got left out. Gross.


She can be sassy with the best of them and you better not call her anything but her name or she’ll be sure to let you know your incorrect.

She’s left handed and a wiz with a pair of scissors. Her drawings are hilarious, and if she’s lucky enough to be gifted play doh (play doh and I are no longer friends), she will create and build for days. Or for as long it lasts, which is approximately 2 1/2 days.

Currently her favorite movies are Mr. Peabody and Sherman and Paranorman. She loves Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom and watching You Tube videos of a lady opening easter eggs. It’s so weird but it keeps her busy so whatever.

She’s goofy and funny. Sweet and thoughtful. A lover and a fighter all rolled into one. Days when she’s not around are so boring and she keeps me on my toes in every way. Life with you around Hayden is simply the very best.


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