six months


You, my beautiful baby boy, are six months old today.


It’s hard to imagine what life was like before you. You are sweet and loving. On most days you would rather snuggle up than be on your own. You are so curious about everything around you and I love to watch your fascination with whatever you get your little hands on.


Your smile and your laugh melts me instantly and whatever frustration I may have felt goes away without any hesitation.



Your sister is the only one that can make you stop crying without even trying. You simply smile in her very presence. You let her dress you up, smoosh you and startle you, and you never fuss.




I love your long eyelashes and golden hair. And your big blue eyes light up my whole world.


Your trying so hard to sit up and it’s hilarious to watch you do little bicycle kicks, like you truly believe your going to get somewhere. Your not a good night time sleeper, not even a little bit. But I forgive you, because you are so incredibly sweet during the day.


You still nurse like a champ and love any food we give you to try. Your already rolling and scooting around and getting into mischief, and enjoy annoying your sister by chewing on her socks or pulling her hair when she’s not paying attention.


Your little personality is really starting to develop and I’m over the moon to spend each and every moment with you. Reid Philip, thanks for letting me be your mama.


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