arctic life: june


For most of you, summer is just kicking off. Here in Alaska though, summer is already half way over. Not to be all half glass empty, but school starts back up in just over 6 weeks, so really I’m just being factual.

Days are still long. Really really long. As in 18+ hours of light. Which once you have lived here long enough, you come to really love it. You can play literally all day and night and rarely have to worry about turning on lights. Camping is a breeze because that inevitable late night bathroom break can at least be done without spending 20 mins searching for the stupid flashlight in your tent. And it’s simply what summers in Alaska are made of.

We’ve made an effort every year to plant a garden and it’s always been, eh. This year I feel like we’ve accomplished something. Our garden spot got tilled up, the surrounding sun blocking trees cut down, and we planted a gajillion seeds. Some were a bust, but what did come up has kept me busy. Pumpkins, and broccoli, zucchini and lettuce. The arugula is out of control! Along with kale, sweet snap peas and brussels sprouts. The greenhouse is packed with peppers and tomatoes and herbs are growing all throughout the yard.





Our strawberry and raspberry patches came back really strong this year.




And my new favorite, our sunflower garden. They are so close to opening up.


We added a new member to the family this month too, Sharky! He’s our adorable pound pup that fits in just so perfectly with us. Hayden and the neighborhood kids adore him and he is soo sweet with the babies, licking their little heads and hands any chance he gets. He chews a thing or two, but loves his sunny porch naps where he can keep an eye on us.


The yard is filled with color and blossoms and it’s so hard to stay inside when it’s so inviting outside.




And the real question. What’s it like to have so much light?? Here’s a glimpse at 10 pm…


and again at midnight.


Once we close up the curtains inside, the house is dark enough that sleep comes easy and in no time at all, you get accustomed to it.

Our summer days are filled with pool dates, popsicles and picking flowers. We’ve already taken a few family roadtrips and have plenty more in the works. On top of ending the summer with a kid less tropical getaway. This is chalking up to be one of our best summers yet. Hoping the rest of your summers are just as sun filled and adventurous!


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