this round’s on me

One of my favorite things about summer is using fresh ingredients that are in season. I was spoiled growing up in the northwest with the fact that it wasn’t hard to buy just about any produce, any time of the year. Try buying peaches in Alaska come November. It simply won’t happen.

So I try to stock the kitchen with all that I can to get the most of it. Cherries has been our current kick. They are delicious and an easy snack for the kids. Plus, my lavender is rampant in the yard so this syrup recipe seemed liked the perfect plan. The actual recipe was for a lemonade using this syrup, but I mean how boring?


My current obsession is sanpellegrino. Grapefruit is my favorite and orange and lemon are great for mixers. Feel free to use Sprite or 7 Up if that’s your kick. Over ice mix 1 part vodka, 1/2 part cherry lavender syrup and the top the glass with lemon sanpellegrino. I’m sure Sprite or 7 Up would be just as tasty, but the lemon soda is tart and the syrup is super sweet, so it’s the perfect combo.


The syrup is best kept in a glass container in the refrigerator, ready to use for all your summer parties.


You can use this recipe and simply omit the alcohol for a kid friendly version, or increase your measurements and make a pitcher of this concoction. I promise it won’t last long! Cheers!


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