arctic life: july

July was so good to us.

I love a good combo. Like pizza and beer. Or fresh guacamole and a margarita. Champagne and orange juice. Hmm. I’m sensing a pattern.

Anyway, July consisted of weeks that had days that flirted with 85 degrees and blue skies, and rainy mornings that meant you left home with a light jacket. My sun dresses and sandals have gotten plenty of wear. And we had days it rained all day and gave us an excuse to cuddle on the couch and binge watch Netflix. Swimming and sunburns. Long sleeves and an extra cup of coffee on a chilly day.

A pretty near perfect combo if you ask me.

Onto the deets.

Our garden has been kind to us this year. I haven’t bought a head of lettuce, kale or squash all summer, and Hayden runs outside every morning to pick snap peas.



The pumpkins and broccoli are seriously out of control. Along, with the weeds around the garden. Yikes. And yes I realize I shouldn’t have planted approx 50 pumpkins right next to each other. pumpkins The green house is packed with tomatoes and I eagerly await my sprouts. Oh man, I can’t wait to eat those sprouts. When they are much, much bigger of course.




We bought four apple trees and while they are small, three of our trees have fruit on them. Which I’m hoping means in the years to come, our chickadees can be  snacking on apples all summer.


Darkness still doesn’t creep in until long after bedtime, so we spend most nights playing late. Laying in the grass, eating off our raspberry bushes. Even Sharky joins in the mix.




And to my surprise, Hayden’s playhouse flowers have survived the wrath of children in the summer.


It’s been a fantastic summer so far. We have had record hot days. The first time since I moved here four years ago we have had to make a solid effort in keeping the house cool because it’s hot as balls outside. That is an actual temperature setting by the way. A fellow blogger assured me of it.

When I look outside I see signs summer is well under way. The chairs and toys are scattered about from countless barbecues.


Throughout the yard you can find mushrooms. Not the good kind you can saute up and enjoy for dinner. But the kind that means your past the prime of summer.


And August has even more in store for us. So much more. But until all the excitement happens, we’ll continue to live simply in the grass and explore the little world right outside our doors.




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