I’m thankful for…

making new tiny friends


We are fortunate to have moved into the neighborhood we did. There are so many little people for Hayden to play with. There is Max to our left, who comes to visit his uncle often. To the right of us, we have Ethen and Aelin, a couple of Hayden’s besties.

This summer we met Kendall and Chloe who live behind us. And last week we met Bella. Who has three brothers. Alex, Jackson and Elijah.

Sooo many kids.

Hayden and Bella are two little peas in a pod. While Hayden at times can be sassy and get an attitude, Bella loves to play and is really easy going. She’s up for anything and they will play all day and night if I let them.


They run back and forth between houses and the kid inside of me is uber jealous. How much fun is it having a trail between houses to visit your friends?!?


Sharky even has a bestie. Cooper. They run back and forth between their yards together.


The kids all have snacks together, and play house.



They even let Reid join in on the fun. He giggles and shouts, and follows them all over the house as they play.



Hayden is my social butterfly. She makes friends where ever we go, and doesn’t have a shy bone in her body when it comes to other kids. She is fearless and independent and thinks everyone deserves compassion and friendship. She is perfectly naive in seeing no fault in other people and completely heartfelt with her kindness. She makes me strive to be a better friend and a better person. Thank you Hayden.



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