scrapbook sunday: lost & found

Buried beneath hundreds of photos I’ve uploaded, are pictures that have yet to be seen. Some I knew of and simply chose others to edit or share, and some I don’t remember taking. As time goes on, and I learn more about the art of taking pictures and the craft behind editing them, I feel like I have even more to bring to the table. Something that sticks out in my mind, it has been said by many amazing photographers, is that you should leave your photos for a period of time before doing anything with them. Whether that’s waiting to develop them, or in my case, waiting several months before I edit them. It brings new perspective. My approach to the end result is no longer controlled by the emotion I felt when I took the picture. More often than not I have an agenda, a look I’m trying to achieve, for a blog post or a print I want. My lighting is bad, the kids make a funny face, parts that I need focused are blurry, etc… and a really great shot can be put aside because it doesn’t meet my standard at that time.

 But now going back through, I’m finding there are gems and uncovered beauties. So this will become a recurring edition in the Scrapbook Sunday series. A home to all these unclaimed pieces.








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