Reid Philip is three today.

reid three-0073.jpg

The quintessential little brother, he can be ornery and annoying. Though notorious for “ruining” Hayden’s stuff and known for occasionally picking on her, he’s always quick to snuggle her and gets so excited to greet her off the bus each day after school. His MO is making people laugh and he has filled the role of big brother better than I could have hoped for. He wasn’t jealous or hesitant the least bit and instead was so happy to meet Waylon and love on him. He smothers him with kisses each day and runs to his aid whenever he starts to cry. Now if we can actually just get him to leave him alone when he sleeps…

reid three-0467.jpg

reid three-0446

He makes us laugh every day with his silly wit and antics, and if you ever can’t find him, just check the snack drawer. You’ll quickly find a wrapper trail leading you right to him. He asks us for hot cocoa every day and whenever there is broccoli on his plate, he’ll eat every last “tree” before anything else. He is the messiest eater, seriously messy, but he’ll eat just about any fruit or vegetable and has been a fairly easy kid when it comes to mealtime. Especially if served any pork product. The kid devours bacon like it’s his last meal.

 He might not know the whole alphabet yet or care to spend time learning his shapes, but he has some serious skills on his bike and can rock a scooter anywhere. He is drawn to anything that has wheels and most days you’ll find him dressing himself and out the door to explore, along with Sharky, his trusty companion. He is friendly and curious. And that curiosity gets him in plenty of trouble.

reid three-0048

reid three-0983

He LOVES dogs, and dancing and M&Ms and trains. Everyday he plays with his trucks and motor cycles, and yet he’s quick to wear his sister’s pink leotard and do somersaults like a boss. He wants to work on anything alongside his dad and needs snuggles with his mama everyday. He wakes up early and happy and is the easiest one to take places.  He took us by surprise with his blonde hair and bright blue eyes and he continues to charm us each new day with his growing personality. Life is much brighter with you around. Happy Birthday sweet boy.

reid three-0001


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