all things changing

It’s been quiet on here but not so much in our daily life. We are nearing the three-month mark with Waylon. I can comfortably say at this point we’ve reached a pretty solid groove as a family of five. The kids and I have a good routine when Andy is work and have only hit total chaos a handful of times. I’ve learned that some days I just have to surrender and let life win, and either pour myself another cup of coffee or glass of wine depending on what time of day it is.

Fall has definitely taken over Alaska. A few hearty windstorms have stripped off what was left of the yellow leaves on the treetops and while the lawns are still green, most of our colorful blooms have said their goodbyes until next year. Warmer coats, mittens and rain boots are included in each day’s fashion and the mountain’s snow line is creeping down at a faster rate every time we leave the house. All the kids are gearing up for Halloween plans and I’m starting to mentally prepare for what should be on this years Thanksgiving dinner menu. Hayden is a couple of months into first grade and is off to a great start. She struggled at first when she found herself in a class without a single one of her friends from last year, but soon made new friends and I’ve watched her navigate through some new feelings and experiences and it’s made my mama heart so happy. Including her learning about her adoption story and her half siblings that live out-of-state. That is a whole blog post in itself and one I hope to get to soon. Those things being said, she’s growing into such a strong and independent young lady and she is a huge help to me with her younger brothers right now.


Reid is as helpful as any other three-year old is I imagine. He usually gives me plenty of messes to clean up in a day and is currently learning that it doesn’t get him ANY brownie points by peeing in “fun places” around the house. I suppose I better get used to it now having two boys to chase after.

reid fall-0039

reid sharks-0124

reid yell-0919

Waylon is starting to show us his little personality more each day. He despises being in his car seat and immediately cries once you buckle him up, which makes for interesting car rides and errands. He would much rather be in a pack or sling and sleeps much longer if you’re snuggling him rather than being in his bed or a swing. We’re getting into somewhat of a predictable schedule with him and I’m not entirely as sleep deprived as I felt with the other two. Or perhaps I’m permanently exhausted and just used to it at this point.

He is still my biggest babe, weighing in at 13.4 lbs and 24 inches at his two month checkup, gaining 3 lbs and grew 3 inches in a month! He has the most delicious chubby thighs and I hope he continues to eat well and plump that little bod up.



He is a fairly content fella and gives us lots of smiles and coos now. Those baby blues look like they are here to stay too.

I was hoping to do an entire post dedicated to my favorite items with a new baby in the house. Free time is scarce though, so I’ll link a few things now.

Nursing Pads:

I use disposable pads when we are out of the house, but for days at home and at night I’ve been using these bamboo pads. I love how inexpensive and comfortable they are. They wash up super easy and I just throw the used ones in with the load of baby clothes.

Lotions and Soaps:

Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, your skin is affected by the harsh winters in Alaska. Especially those babes. I love the line from Tubby Todd and even use it myself. It smells fantastic and a little goes a long way. I bought a kit with lotion, body wash and bubble bath in July and use it on all three kids each week and haven’t even used half the bottles.


I’m not super picky when it comes to his wardrobe during the day. But I loathe those night-time diaper changes when I put him in pjs that have 12 snaps that I have to mess with. Even the zipper ones have their downfall because the cool air hits his body and he’s instantly pissed. So these sets from Target are THE BEST! Seriously. They are super soft and you unzip from the bottom so half the time he doesn’t even wake up since I only need them open enough to get his little legs out.


Along with lots of coffee and literally all the things you can do to increase your milk supply, we’re moving right along, successfully managing this three kid rodeo. Most days at least, ha. We have a trip in the works before the end of the year to visit family and friends in the lower 48 and I’m looking forward to getting a break from our day-to-day limbo.

Speaking of that, time to top off the coffee cup again.


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