ice sculptures + a giveaway

A year. I’ve been at this blog for an entire year now. I started it as a way to keep my friends and family up to date with our growing family, and it’s grown into so much more for me. It’s become an outlet, a scrapbook, a piece of my life story. And it all started with ice sculptures, which is where we ventured to this past weekend (and by past weekend that means 2 weeks ago, I’ve been busy ok..)


The weather was chilly but the sunshine came out to join us finally. We even lucked out and managed to get prime parking. First things first. Pay the meter. Which according to Hayden $1.25 got us 1,000 years. Who knew weekend rates were so great?!


The sculptures didn’t disappoint. Especially to Hayden.



My tiny companion stayed warm and content and had more interest chewing on his sock wearing hands than the frozen art pieces.











Hayden played on her frozen playground for a while longer until we decided to make use of the nice weather and wander the city a bit.



We wandered the streets until little limbs started to get cold and Hayden dropped her apple in the road, resulting in a complete meltdown. That’s always our cue to pack up ship and head home.

Now for the fun part, a giveaway! To thank all 4 of you for sticking around for the last year, I thought I would join the band wagon and host a giveaway. We picked up a few things during our venture of the city that you just can’t live without! Alright, that is a total lie but who doesn’t freebies?!?! So here’s what you need to do, simply leave a comment on this post telling me what you look forward to in the new year. For me, I can’t wait for all our fun travels we have planned for 2015, maybe it even includes seeing a few of you. In a week, I’ll pick a random winner and send you the best package ever. Because it will have come from me, duh. Now get to it!