This spring will mark five years that we’ve lived in our house. Majority of our home improvements have been landscape related. Which it just dawned on me that I never updated you on our work this summer, I’ll get on that one soon. Back to the house. We’ve painted rooms, and bathrooms. Bought new furniture and refinished the kitchen table. We’ve redecorated the kids’ rooms a few times and like any other lady you probably know, I’ve rearranged and redecorated the house more times than I can count.

But our focus (alright mostly mine) has been the kitchen. It might not be a dream kitchen but it’s still the place I spend the most time in and it holds the most memories for me. It’s sentimental and also telling that I’m a real fat kid at heart. Since moving in we’ve changed out the faucet, added hardware to the cupboards and drawers, built extra shelving, put lighting in above the cabinets and now.. drum roll please……

are doing some tile work and painting! 

 Some before pictures to start off with.





Our Friday night was spent prepping by moving out the stove and fridge and dumping most everything else on the dining room table and shoving it all onto one side of the room. We washed, sanded and primed walls and cleared out space to start the job the next morning. We had a few set backs but so far have had a really great jump on it.** Here’s a sneak peek and stayed tuned for the finished product!




** I said we but what I really meant was Andy and my father in law. I didn’t do much to help other than answer questions about tile placement and get lunch. Thanks guys, your doing awesome work!

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