scrapbook sunday : film edition

I recently had our couple rolls of film developed and just got back the goods. I was pleasantly surprised by what arrived. While I knew I was going to get far less than perfect photos, I was so happy to see that quite a few turned out. Hayden’s roll is my favorite of the two. In all honesty, her roll turned out much better than mine in that even her blurry photos tell me a story. I love her artistry and view on life. Take a peek:








Here are a few from my roll. Included is a very unfocused, blurry shot of Hayden. I absolutely love it. Which is one of the many reasons I’m drawn so much to photography.  Seeing that photo instantly brought me back to those years she was still just a toddler. I   briefly had forgotten when she was so little. But in all her fuzziness, you can still make out that beautiful smile, and the way her eyes light up when she’s happy. She was such a goofball then and still is a ball of joy and silliness.  It doesn’t need to be a clean clear shot for it to make my heart so full.






Be sure to check out Macho Turbo and what he’s been shooting. He’s been more in the fast lane lately. (wink, wink)

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