kitchen: sneak peek

Our kitchen update is nearly complete. We have a few small details left and then our beautiful kitchen will be finished. The reality of doing a project like this, like all the other home improvements we have done, is that life requires we still get paychecks, tend to little people and deal with anything else that needs our attention. So while doing this renovation (did I mention I also decided I was going to paint the rest of the living room and hallway), we are also potty training and dealing with school schedules and parent teacher conferences and still attempting to have a social life. While it would be much simpler to hire these projects out, it’s a really great feeling that we’ve done it all on our own. It’s a learning process and while our work isn’t perfect, it’s something we’ve put blood, sweat and tears into (literally all those things), to make our home just that. OUR HOME. It’s been incredibly inconvenient at times, but I wouldn’t trade all those makeshift floor dinners and messy rooms for anything.  Stay tuned because fingers crossed we’ll have all of this knocked out in the next couple weeks and we can show off all of our hard work. For now, here’s a peek.


Now let me chat for a second about my husband. He humored me and agreed to this big project knowing that he would take on most of the responsibility of it. All while cleaning up at night ,playing all the silly stuff with the kids AND helping me with laundry, cleaning, bus pick ups and all of life’s little chores. I know there are a thousand other things you want to do with your time home. Thank you’s just aren’t enough. Your one in a million. 🙂

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