scrapbook sunday: b+w

I am still on my first cup of coffee and haven’t showered yet today, so there still is a weekend vibe happening here. My Sunday camera chats with MachoTurbo the last couple of weeks have been all over the map. Which are actually my favorite. Those days we range from shows and books that are on our radar, to what we’ve been shooting lately, and then on over to goals we have for the days ahead and where we see life taking us. Throw in some small jabs at each other, okay mostly just at me, and there you have it. Macho has always been a voice of reason in my life so it seems fitting that our common interest of photography has become another avenue where he can give me advise and help a sister out. So when he tells you to try shooting solely in black in white, damn it, you shoot in black and white. And you love it.










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